• Gary has been around us for three to four years. He always answer my calls... I have nothing bad to say about him. I don’t try any other companies that offer the same service. Honestly, I don’t know what else to say about the competition because I haven’t had a reason used anyone else. I think Gary is a nice guy; he does what he has to do to keep our company satisfied and we only want to use his service.

    - Anastacio, Westcoast Café

  • Known Gary for about two years, he set's us up for merchant and credit card services. Gary deserves a 10 in customer service because he's very straight forward, always explains everything in detail, provides follow up service and makes sure everything is ok and goes the whole 9 yards. What sets him apart is the fact that he's personable and friendly. We really like him.

    - Scott & Lily, Lily’s Creperie

  • We operate a high end dental office in San Francisco with 6 dentists'. We recently met Gary who offers merchant services to us. Gary’s approach and demeanor is honest and he always answered the phone when we called. Gary services offers us a greater potential to save some money and his customer relations sets him apart. Our other vendor never answered the phone or returned calls right away, but with Gary he always makes us feel secure as if we are his only client.

    - Dr. Woelfle, Advanced Dentistry

  • I have known and worked with Gary for about a year and a half now. I must say, Gary is very helpful and goes beyond the call of duty. When things are average he goes out of his way to check out the issue. Because of this I find him to be a patient person. What set’s Gary apart from other businesses that offer the same service is that he is committed and personable which is helpful. He comes in and there’s a presence that appears with him rather than the latter. Moreover, he is very easy to get to know and makes me feel comfortable to trust him. I would rate Gary’s follow up and customer service with a score of 8 ½ -9 on a scale of 1-10. Gary’s service has brought value to our company because what he offers is a vital part of what we do with credit cards.

    - Dr. Conway, Owner Dentist, Revive Dental and Spa

  • If I tell you about the bad experiences I’ve had in the past with other companies that offer the same service as Gary you wouldn’t believe me. No one has served me the way Gary does. He always answers the phone, always makes sure we have supplies and we can call him any time… any day. Gary goes out of his way to make sure we have the necessary supplies sometimes driving over 30miles to his house and coming back to the restaurant to keep us stocked up with paper and other pertinent supplies to keep our merchant needs met. I wish there were more people like him; I recommend him to all my friends. Without a doubt, I would rate his customer service with a 10!

    - Giovanni, Mezza Luna Restaurant

  • We have an Italian restaurant in Livermore, Ca where we’ve been around for nearly 8 years now. We have used merchant services with Gary for more than a year. If I could compare him to the previous merchant we used which was Bank of America—they only dealt with us over the phone whereas with Gary its face to face and you have continuous access and support from him. I would rate his services at a 10. We are very pleased with his services.

    - Francesco, Owner, Terra Mia Restaurant

  • I run a bike shop. Gary’s rates were better than what we were paying. He’s very helpful and upfront about checking on us. I am satisfied with his customer service and follow up. They simply have better rates. If you have a problem with the “in’s” and “out’s” of settling your processor at night you can count on Gary because he will answer the phone. I’m glad we have a relationship with someone who you can actually talk to rather than talking to a machine or a recorded voice. I’ve known Gary for a couple of years—he’s a good guy.

    - Matthew, BSB The Bike Work

  • I own a live entertainment roadhouse bar in Half Moon Bay called The Old Princeton Landing that has been around since the 1920’s - we have a huge local following. When I met Gary, he said he could save me 20% more than the services I was using at the time - since I’ve switched with Gary, he’s done everything he said he was going to do. He gives us great customer service, checks in periodically, and will even step in to have a beer and enjoy music with us from time to time. Because of Gary I’m looking forward to putting in a POS system. Gary has been the best person I’ve worked with especially when you consider the fact that I have worked with 6 or 7 different companies who offer the same service; he is true to his word. I look forward to expanding services with Gary, I’m happy to know and do business with him.

    - Brian, Owner, The Old Princeton Landing

  • I am a Chiropractor and I have known Gary for about a year and a half. Gary has saved me a lot of money on MasterCard, American Express, and Visa merchant services. I was with Link and another company that didn’t help me the way Gary does and I wasn’t saving money. It felt like every time I looked at my balance book I was being charged with fees - Gary does not do this. I would rate Gary’s customer service with a strong 10+ because whenever I have a problem or issue Gary is able to help me understand certain language and verbiage that comes in the mail. With his knowledge, he helps me avoid scams. This is the best company I've ever worked with.

    - Dr. Val Svetich, Chiropractor

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